Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ventana Capital Management

VentanaCapital Management is one of the primogenital companies in USA that are specialized in the start-up of new companies. The firm is situated in San Juan Capistrano in the US state of California and makes investments during the expansion stage of the companies that are in their earlier stages of entrepreneurial ventures.
Since its inception, Ventana Capital Management has financed more than 70 companies. The firm pursues union opportunities which arise at the overlaps of the sectors, particularly at the interfaces of biotechnology and innovative energy. Currently, it focuses to invest in wireless communications, semiconductors, communication infrastructure and drug discovery and development companies. In the case of innovative energy, its focus is on bio-fuels, bio-gases, batteries, fuel cells, energy supply, new energy diffusion, use and storage and hydrogen economy technologies. In tech industry, Ventana Capital Management focuses on wired and wireless broadband infrastructure and digital media infrastructure. In the field of biotechnology, it plans to invest on life sciences, drug research, drug developmental tools, broadband, medical technology, telemedicine, networking infrastructure, on environmental with a special focus on water treatment, air pollution control, water remediation and recycling, perilous and solid waste management, generation of power, biotechnology, genomics, health and medicine, informatics, robotics, agribusiness, trade and manufacturing companies.
Just like Ventana Capital Management, Ventana Capital Inc. is another company founded by Darwin Horan. Ventana Capital Inc. is a land management, acquisition, development and home building company in the city of Denver in US state of Colorado.
Mr. Darwin, current CEO and founder of Ventana Capital Inc. studied business at Arizona State University. He then moved to Colorado and served as the president of the North Division of Writer Homes. Consequently, he joined as the president of the Denver Division of the leading homebuilding company in Colorado. Later, Mr. Darwin Horan established his own firm in the city of Englewood named as Ventana Capital Inc.
Mr. Horan is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in Colorado. He has more than 20 years of experience in home building and land development industry. He has established more than 15,000 single-family houses and 20,000 other houses both detached and attached type. About 12,000 acres of land as well as 180,000 square feet of office space in Colorado and development of 17 subdivisions is currently under the control of Ventana Capital. Mr. Horan is expert in construction, residential property management, water-storage development and metropolitan-district management.
Apart from his day to day work, Mr. Darwin is also extensively involved in community services and has been honoured to hold prominent positions in the District of Denver.

No doubt, Ventana Capital Inc. has thrived and flourished under the competent leadership of Mr. Darwin Horan. Currently, the company maintains a land of worth 150 million dollars in Denver, which extends from the Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.  Additionally, the firm has 10 dollars’ worth of land under contract and it will be settled into buildings for offices or for residential use within the state that will help the government in solving the state accommodation problem.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Success Story Of Darwin Horan

This venture was established by him years ago and till now has been serving the entire state in a fruitful way. Being interested in philanthropy services he has been serving a number of community services and has been leading and coaching a number of sports communities as well. Darwin Horan Colorado association with the business properties has been known to the entire world and the way he works is also commendable. With his very own efforts day and night he has established the Ventana Capital Inc and this venture is flourishing day and night like anything.

This level of success attained by this personality has been his dream from a very young age and he made everything possible with his entire struggle. Since he was interested in business from his childhood, he also had the Business Studies as his major subject. His generosity has always been remarkably high lighted in very instance as he donates without even considering the amounts. 
He holds about several properties amounting to the 12000 acres land and as far as the value of his assets is concerned he holds about the assets of $200 million worth. He has been leading the business from the past two decades and in these 20 years he has taken his business to the highest level which is entirely unimaginable.